Adam Kincel

Smelling like my father – on integrating gender theories with relational psychotherapy


To examine the integration of relational aproaches to psychotherapy with gender theories.


Masculinity, the main subject of author’s autoethnographic doctoral research, will be presented using storytelling, personal videos, photography, poetry and psychotherapeutic casework.


Expected result include: Knowledge of how to work psychotherapeutically with themes that extend the clinical relational dynamics but concerns all of us as citizens. Increased awareness of gender power dynamic and how to address them in relational psychotherapeutic work. Awareness of transgenerational transition of the embodiment of social issues and their impact on the psychotherapeutic process. Re-examination of current ways of practising.


Does gender have an impact on the therapeutic relationship? And do we know how to open discussion on gender, power and sexuality in our consulting rooms? Although as therapists we treat self as dynamic and fluid, the concept of gender is often seen as fixed and unmoveable. Yet, the ability to fluidly move between various gender expressions is a major skill of integrative psychotherapists who need to be able to embody various roles. We also need to be aware of what impact our gender may have on the clients and their therapeutic process.