Adéla Dohnalová, Jana Kostínková

The aim of this brief paper is to present the implementation of competency model in Czech Training in psychotherapy integration. We will present the process of formation and subsequent modification of this competency model. It will be indicated how the competency model can be helpful for lecturers and for trainees as well.

We will use PowerPoint presentation to introduce the original version of competency model and also its modified version. The process of modification will be presented: elaboration of feedback from trainees, duscussions with lecturers and subsenquent reformulation, partition and annulment of some competencies.

The contribution of this brief paper is to introduce how the competency model in training can be formed and how the lecturers and trainees can use it also in other trainings.

Finally, there will be time for reflection of the competency model and for sharing the experience of attendees with the trainees based on competencies.