Ana Catarina Nunes da Silva

Title: Training on Psychotherapy Integration from the get-go: Our Lisbon Story using Paradigmatic Complementarity Metamodel to ground integrative clinical decision-making.


This workshop offers psychotherapists with diverse therapeutic orientations a glimpse into the realms of Paradigmatic Complementarity Metamodel (Vasco, 2001) and its application to clinical practice and supervision and training.  We will be focusing on a systematic method to anchor moment-to-moment decision making on a phase model of the process.This same phase model is what helps us on our training of young trainees that need to attach to an orienting framework, yet prefer the freedom of not sticking to a particular school of thought or practice.


The method combines a) attending to the phasic match between therapist objectives and patient capacities with b) observing in each moment whether and how the patient is using the resources that the therapist offers. We will be using research instruments and simple marker-based heuristics to help case formulation, specially with more complex cases, in order to understand, from an integrative perspective, their progress and/or stuckness. 


Doing so, is supposed to assist integrative clinical decision-making at moment-to-moment, session-to-session and phase-to-phase levels.


Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their own cases and to practice 1) identifying and tracking problems or impasses in the process; and 2) understanding therapist and patient contributions to their emergence and maintenance, by analyzing a) what resources the therapists offer, b) responses indicating whether and how patients use these resources, and c) whether therapists are being responsive to developmental capacities or vulnerabilities that patients are showing.

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