Ann Bilsen

Title: DNA of grief

The aim of this workshop is to introduce the model of DNA of grief, developed by Johan Maes. Grief is complex and  standard models have proven to be inadequate when we facilitate clients with grief. This model focuses on three fundamental stepstones of grief: attachement, emotions and meaning.
Grief is the other side of attachment. As soon as we loose somebody with whom we feel connected our life transforms into a proces of integration and eventually of meaning. The DNA of grief describes at the same time the unique of each grieving proces and that what we all share.  It is a story of coping, a spiral of loss and life and of connection.

Methods in an interactive way we introduce the model, by means of some exercises the participants learn to work with it in psychotherapy and experience the added value for their work.

As a result they will be able to use the latest insights on grief while working with clients on any kind of loss.

Discussion by the end of the workshop: how can I benefit from this new insight?

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