Chris Caron

Title: The use of narrative counselling practices and metaphors to honour resistance and responses to hardship

The aim of this workshop is to have participants experience narrative therapy in practice by creating collective documents while learning about the key principles that inform the narrative counselling approach with individuals and groups. Highlighted in this experimental workshop is how integrating narrative therapeutic methodologies and metaphors into my practice has allowed me to connect to adult students in creative and community-centric ways. During this workshop participants will learn how these practices, including creating therapeutic documents such as "The Tree of Life" and “Journey Metaphors”, have enriched my practice in a community college setting, while illuminating second story development and acts of resistance to hardship and trauma.

Embedded in this strength-based therapeutic orientation is the deep belief that people are the experts of their own lives.  It assumes that people have beliefs, values, strengths, abilities, skills, and lived experiences to help reframe problems in their lives. The key to facilitating re-authoring the perception of past experiences is to identify moments of resilience and nourishment during difficult times.
This session unlocks the power and gifts of narrative therapy through its respectful and celebratory approach to equity and collective narrative documentation. Participants will experience how working from a narrative posture, applying metaphors and narrative oriented questions with individuals and/or a community can help generate stories of hope, strength and resilience.

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