Daniel Baumruk

The Story as an intermediary of emotions and an indicator of client´s needs in Integrative psychotherapy


The commercial name for this project is Therapy by Game. The process to be presented aims to show to the general public the advantages of group psychotherapy. The purpose is to naturally familiarize the workshop participants with their feelings, emotions, roles and their root needs, which are then fixed both by experience and the visual form. Work with the story is thus structured in several levels.


The process is based on the elements of drama production, which, in the process of constructivism, serve as a means of evoking real stories in the lives of the present attenders. From then on we work with their authentic stories, and we rely on work with pictures, in which therapeutic cards help them. Thanks to them, it is possible to work with stories like in a filmmaking cutting room and to look at their situation from several perspectives. On these two approaches we mainly map their communication patterns, negotiation patterns according to transaction analysis and their root needs according to Pesso Boyden. We constatntly respect the process of constructivism. After mapping the situation, we work with the client and the GROW coaching technique and we use the three-stage personal development process that fully respects the current situation of the client.
Within the scope of integration they work with these movements and approaches: Narrative Psychotherapy, Transaction Analysis, Dramatherapy, Constructivism, Pesso Boyden, Emotion Iceberg, and GROW Coaching Method.


Results can only be mapped by feedback from clients who claim they have never met with such a non-violent and intense experience in therapy . They usually leave with the feedback that they have something to think about and then open up the topics in individual therapy.