Elena Mustakova

How Consciousness Research Can Inform Competencies in Psychotherapy Integration

The aim of this paper is to address the bridge between recent research on the motivational developmental dimensions of optimal adult consciousness, mindfulness research and neurobiological understanding, as well as studies of non-local consciousness; and integrative psychotherapeutic competences. Case vignettes will illustrate how processes of consciousness development and deepening mind/heart coherence can address human suffering. We will also examine the systemic roots of individual suffering related to internal oppression in different cultural, ethnic, economic and socio-historical contexts. In each case, we will explore how language structures the psyche, and the role of evolutionary socio-historical understanding in adult personality integration across cultures. We will discuss what may be a common core in healing, as well as methods of activating depth spiritual resources in healing. In closing, the paper will discuss a way to think about integrative psychotherapy in terms of depth processes of personality integration, and how a wide range of modalities can inform a globally-minded philosophically integrated approach to psychotherapy that helps people in the ‘age of anxiety’ to move toward empowered and addiction-free lives as rational participants in social and planetary transformation.