Gitte Beaupain

Title: Conceptual Interaction, the power of the self disclosing here-and-now

The aim of this 90 minutes interactive workshop is to show how the self-disclosing here-and-now fostered by the Conceptual Interaction approach is a convenient integrative tool to build the therapeutic relationship and benefits the client.

How? Through active interactions, critical questionings, inductive experiencing, practical exercises and real case discussions.

During the workshop the focus will not solely be on (self) disclosure nor merely on the here-and-now, the attention will be drawn on the interaction between client and therapist. Therefore, the Conceptual Interaction (CI) approach will be the determining perspective.

Together we will discover, discuss and question the following:

What does the CI-approach basically consist of?
Does the CI-approach de facto provide the necessary tools as well as boundaries to make the therapeutic field safe and creative? Does the approach literally invite the therapist to be present in the here and now, to be authentic in his (own)revealing?
Is the revealing hic et nunc actually suitable for the competence development
of the client as well as of the therapist? Should a therapist consciously use it as a tool to foster the client’s individuation?

The main discussion will revolve around the question whether the CI-approach provides integration and favours the self-disclosing here-and-now which truly benefits the client.