Gregor Žvelc

The short version of Relational Needs Scale (RNS-20) – preliminary findings


Relational Needs Scale  is based on Erskine’s description of relational needs that were found central in psychotherapeutic relationship (Erskine, Moursand and Trautmann, 1999). It includes 31 items, which describe satisfaction of 5 main relational needs: Authenticity, Support and protection, Having an impact, Shared experience and Initiative from the other. The aim of the study was development of the short version of Relational Needs Scale, which could be useful for quick assessment of relational needs in psychotherapy process.


Relational Needs Scale with 31 items was tested on a sample of 255 participants. With the help of item analysis and principal component analysis we developed short version of the instrument which consists of 20 items.


Principal component analysis showed 5 components explaining 69% of variance. Each scale consists of 4 items. Reliability of the scales were between 0,81 and 0,90.


We will discuss the preliminary findings of the short version of the RNS-20 and suggest possible further research with RNS.

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