Hannah Clarke

Title: The Dogtor will see you now… a relational, integrative approach to introducing  animal assisted therapy into your practice


•    To understand how working with animals as a therapeutic partner supports healthy attachment, meets missed developmental needs, raises somatic awareness && increases the ability to self regulate in clients.
•    To understand the unconscious processes at play when partnering with animals
•    To know more about trans-species psychology, how animals & humans are more alike than different and what we can learn from each other.
•    To have explored ways of encorporating animal assisted therapy into your psychotherapeutic practice.

•    The workshop will include the latest thinking on AAT, including the ethics of working with animals therapeutically. Participants will have the opportunity to explore their own personal relationship with animals they have now or had with childhood pets. Participants will work in small groups to consider how they might introduce an animal into their practice.

•    To have a greater understanding of how AAT can benefit clients and how to introduce them into your practice.

•    Ethics of animal assisted therapy
•    Who can it benefit most?