Heward Wilkinson

Title: The Integrative Miracle. Developmental Science - becomes Existential Meaning - becomes Poetry

The Aim of this workshop is to invite participants to an experiential process exploring the concept that Integrative Psychotherapy begins in Developmental Science but needs to go beyond it, towards Existential (Personal) Meaning and ultimately to realise its true nature in Poetry (and other Aesthetic modes).  Whilst we have to coexist with Science, in the form of Developmental Theory (including NeuroScience), we cannot be defined by Science. There is an irreducible Existential dimension, which ultimately evolves creatively into Poetry in our work. 

The Methodology of the workshop will be participant discussion in the first part of the presentation, in which the theoretical background of the three aspects will be sketched and illustrated whilst inviting the engagement of the participants.

The Methodology of the second part of the workshop will be negotiated experiential work and sharing, which will be process work, maybe one-to-one demonstration work, small group work, and so on, as negotiated.

The intended or hoped for Result is to enable creative individual thinking about the relationships between Developmental Science, Human Existence (in the sense of Phenomenological Ontology), and Poetic-Aesthetic dimensions. I shall not expect agreement but will seek to provoke thought, open doors, and evoke relevant experience.  

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