I. E. Cadariu

Title: Personality characteristics involved in choosing the clinician or the psychologist profession


The aim of this study is to identify personality characteristics involved in the
choosing of a career in the clinical or psychotherapeutic fields. These characteristics
may become landmarks in selecting students for training in psychotherapy programs
and may be determined by the country cultural history in psychotherapy.


Methods used involve a number of tests as: MBTI, NPI-16, a scale for the
evaluation of cognitive stimulation needs, another for general self-efficiency, a third
scale for self-control and the Lazarus 1978 systemic differentiator. A questionnaire
containing questions from these instruments was applied to 60 students of the
Psychology Faculty, of the West University of Timisoara, Romania.


Students with a clinical orientation and a psychotherapeutic one, showed a
high level of cognitive stimulation, a high degree of narcissism, which are correlated
to positive needs of career advancement.


This research involved students that will choose a specialisation in
clinical psychology and psychotherapy and in labour and organizational psychology.
The study helps in the establishment of a strategy to identify and select future
students for training in integrative psychotherapy programs.