Jan Kubánek

Title: Self-defeating behaviour as the roots of integration

There is a lot of talk about self-defeating behaviour in Integrated psychotherapy (prof. Knobloch) and about the importance of changing it. “Self-defeating behaviour is a kind of maladaptive behaviour, when an individual unwittingly achieves the opposite of what he wants in his relationships with people. (Knobloch, Knoblochová, 1999, page 35)."  Knobloch (1999) cites Schultz-Hencke (1942) who, in connection with self-defeating behaviour, talked about the vicious, or demonic, circle of neurosis. He thought that if a patient has some kind of behavioural disorder it incites others to react in such ways that support the assertion and the deterioration of the original disorder. If the disorder is based on a false opinion about people, this false opinion is even further confirmed. The conception of self-defeating behaviour inspired the author of this brief paper to create the original, undemanding technic work with circles (J. Kubánek, 2008)andwork with circles can be a foundation of an integrative approach. We can find similarities with these circles in other psychotherapy systems. Further, the author is also offering circles as a map for various aims of psychotherapeutic interventions and for description of psychotherapeutic process.