Jean van Hoek

Biographical and therapeutic writing, what is the importance of writing in the proces of looking back and healing


I would like to show the opportunities of writing in the therapeutic proces
of healing. Writing is a creative way to get sense of what is inside. Writing
can create a connexion between mind, body and soul/heart, it‘s a way to get
closer to oneself and therefore usefull in therapy.

The workshop consists of a short theoretical introduction on writing, on
access to memories and the way a therapist can employ writing.


Writing and narrative therapy are related. It’s all about stories of a

The main part of the workshop will be practising: several short writing-exercises
on the topic.

Afterwards a (short) possibility for discussion and questions.

This workshop is an abstract of an education (2 days)  for therapists I provided in november 2017 at
the Educatieve Academie.


The participants amass knowledge and practice on therapeutic writing, so they
can use this as a tool with their clients.  Therapists also can learn from writing
exercises to get a better understanding of themselves. As the therapist is the
tool himself, that can be important to stay in balance in working with people
in difficult situations.