Joanna Hewitt Evans, Vesna Petrovic

Live life fully, love generously, become all that you can be.

Ken evans 1947-2015

These were the words Ken Evans chose to be his epitaph and by which he lived his life. Having had the opportunity to work closely with and learn from Ken we continue to develop his model of integration.


This workshop will explore how, through use of self, presence, inclusion and commitment to the between of the therapeutic relationship we can become more fully ourselves as therapists and support clients to be more fully themselves in life. We will consider those aspects of our work which make it possible to do this: curiosity not judgment, welcoming our embodied counter-transference, understanding the pull towards repetition and resistance and inviting and supporting reparation and renewal.  How can we take this forward?


We invite you to join us in this workshop where we will combine exercises, memories and discussion in celebrating and developing Ken’s work.


Ken was never still, he was always envisioning the next step, the next project, the impact of therapy on the wider world and our social responsibility as therapists. We welcome your thoughts about how we might use this epitaph to bring a greater sense of social responsibility into our work and our ethical code.

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