Julianne Appel-Opper

The body in the culture and the culture in the body


The workshop aims to provide an exploration and sensitization into how the body is in the culture and the culture is in the body.


A short lecture at the start will explore implicit relational knowledge and implicit cultural knowledge on the background of a contemporary blend of Dialogical Gestaltpsychotherapy, Relational Psychoanalysis and Research Fields. Short exercises will be offered in a safe and respectful space (on the basis of a
working contract). Small group work and discussions will open a further exploration into the field of the cultural language of the body. With examples from own therapeutic and training work, we will focus on how interbodily processes can be a compass into the world of the client.


I hope that the workshop will give you impulses, ideas for your clinical (and teaching) work.


The workshop aims to provide a safe space to discuss:
Do bodies speak in different languages, how are bodily rhythms cultural rhythms, are traumata reachable in a second/third language, how can we sensitize ourselves (and our students) to own cultural narcissism?