M. Fialová, J. Sviglerová, K. Najbrtová, H. Krupniková, M. Stafková, M. Frouzová

Ongoing research and surveys in the training of integrative psychotherapy


The aim of the brief paper is to introduce the efforts of involvement research and survey methods into the long-term 5-year psychotherapeutic training of integrative psychotherapy in Skala Institute (Prague, Czech republic). This training includes self-experience, theory, learning therapeutic skills and competences and supervision. The need of deeper evaluations and attempts to run research has occurred recently and the author also presents the development of these survey and research tools, obstacles in launching new methods and some examples of good practice.


The author presents the current practice in training, shows examples of questionnaires, video records,
structured interviews and evaluation forms, which have been used during the psychotherapeutic training and present some preliminary outcomes of these methods.


The first data indicate that the combination of various feedback data and training process enhance the
development, quality and satisfaction of the trainees and that it is worthy to continue and to intensify the effort to combine research, surveys and the training process together.


The author is open to discuss different ways of involving research into the psychotherapeutic training, share best practices but also “blind lanes”, which can occur during the process.