Magdalena Frouzová

Title: Journey from communism to integrative Europe in psychotherapy training


To present development and philosophy of the key psychotherapy training elements during last fifty years in the Czech Republic. We show various styles of the techniques and the main obstacles as they have been  experienced during four main historical periods:
• 1930 – 1968 – official Pavlovian behavior therapy and very rare non-official psychoanalytic training  
• 1968 – SUR system using eclectic psychotherapeutic concept of training therapeutic community – still most expanded training
• 1989 – 1998 establishing many training institutes (about 30 in Czech Republic) according their psychotherapeutic schools
• 1998 – integrative movement - establishing integrative training in supervision where most important figures from various psychotherapeutic schools train together, search a common language and enriches one another, 4 integrative  training institutes where conferences for integrative psychotherapy is held
• The last part will be dedicated to share and discuss ideas how to enrich training programs and to make them more effective.


PP presentation, video records, role-play, self-experience techniques, working groups, opinion polls, discussion.


Participants will get overview of the Czech SUR psychotherapy training and self-experience current new training forms. They will be enriched by sharing various approaches and the discussion about potential structure of more effective programs.