Magdalena Frouzová

Title: Development of the concept of effective competences in integrative psychotherapy training


To present development and philosophy of the key competences during  last decade in the integrative psychotherapy training and to describe the way of teaching them. The author submits for discussion the list of the most important competences from basic psychotherapeutic schools and from other new integrative schools and models, which are trained in integrative psychotherapy training. She also presents various methods of teaching, practicing and evaluating competences according to current daily practice in the Czech Republic:

• Combination of individual training therapy with group training therapy  (and individual supervision with group supervision)
• Format concepts, in which the training is provided:
    • therapeutic group,
    • therapeutic group, where psychotherapist´s process is uncovered at the same time,     • therapeutic group, where one of the participants leads the group under camera and live supervision with immediate feedback from  group participants,
protagonist and trainers (use of camera)
    • T-group, where participants train main psychotherapeutic techniques in various
groups under camera, with feedback and discussion about proper usage
• Therapeutic training community consisted of several training therapeutic groups, where work with a big group is provided
• Peer thematic groups (without a trainer) with a recommended theme
• Thematic training of competencies during 6 weekends each year: basic psychotherapeutic techniques, group psychotherapeutic techniques, work with defenses and motivation, work with body, coping with psychic states, communications skills, family therapy.
• Lectures here comparison of schools and their techniques is the main topic and
where practitioners discuss their integrative practice


Questionnaires, video records, literature review, evaluation forms


The list of up-to-date key psychotherapeutic competences which are used in Skala Institute. •