Nina Schautová

Mindfulness in therapy


In this workshop we wish to embrace mindfulness as a skill that benefits the therapeutic process, and as a tool to help expand clients' capacity for therapy.


We will practice various mindfulness exercises targeted at the therapist as well as the client. This practical experience will be complemented with latest research findings on mindfulness, especially neuropsychological bases and effects of mindfulness practice. Finally, we will would like to invite everyone to share their experiences with the practical application of mindfulness for them as therapists and in therapy with their clients.

Participants will gain key understanding and a practical experience to leverage the benefits of mindfulness in their own therapeutic practice.


Being mindful is a useful skill and tool for an integrative therapist. Although we will focus on finding inspiration on how to leverage mindfulness in therapy we shall also discuss the limitations that come with different clients, our working contexts, and the type and severity of issues our clients suffer from.

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