Oana Maria Popescu & Lorena Laura Cristescu

Title: Cinderella or Prince Charming? The use of tango for life script analysis


The participants will identify the major themes of their life scripts, including patterns of behavior, injunctions and permissions. The final goal is to bring life scripts into awareness, in order to
change life script decisions.


In this workshop we will use basic tango movements and specific exercises derived from tango dancing in order to explore the participants' life scripts: their behavior in dissociation, leading and following, open and close embrace.


Postures and movements tell us about entire life scripts embedded in our bodies. "Prince Charming" is always going to save the princess while she is about to trip over, while Cinderella is going to
have a tough time learning to dance and will have tense relationships with other dancers, waiting to be saved by her Prince Charming, who may as well never come.


We will discuss life script theory within the framework of integrative strategic theory, connecting permissions and injunctions with the fundamental needs that determine the development of the proto-self and the core self.