Petra Hovězáková, Tomáš Repka, Nela G. Wurmová

Title: The ways, thoughts and feelings of integrative
therapists – beginners


Being a beginner psychotherapist always means being full of doubts. Perhaps even more so, if you are beginning as an integrative psychotherapist without having received many manuals or techniques.

In this workshop, participants will have a chance to explore and share their own journey to an integrative perspective in psychotherapy and to identify their main influencers and reasons that eventually led them to undertake this journey. Furthermore, they will have a chance to look into their feelings and thoughts in the course of this journey.


In the beginning we will outline the theoretical background and share something about our ways to integrative perspective. Then the techniques to deepen awareness will follow and the participants will have a possibility to map their own paths and share their thoughts and feelings with other participants.


There are only few psychotherapists in the field who have been integrative from the beginning of their carrier. We belong to them and we would like to share our experience with becoming integrative psychotherapists with our colleagues.


The workshop will be facilitated by three beginning integrative therapists working with clients while finishing their training in Integration in psychotherapy.