Sabrina Marx

Title: Integrating nutrition and lifestyle in psychotherapy


Recent insights in neuropsychology, gastro-enterology and biochemistry have led to the emergence of a new and rapidly evolving domain called Nutritional Psychology. Unfortunately this field is still unknown to most psychotherapists. I would like to raise awareness on how chronic stress and an unhealthy diet can influence both our physical and mental health by disrupting the biochemical balance within the body.


This presentation is a brief introduction in the exciting world of nutritional psychology. Next to theoretical insights, I will also use case examples.


You will learn how the body works and why that is relevant to mental health. You will also learn which nutrients are necessary to manufacture biochemical substances such as neurotransmitters and how a deficiency in these nutrients can result in depression, chronical fatigue or insomnia. And you will find out how others factors (e.g. exercise, sunlight, microbiome) can contribute to mental health. I will teach you how to integrate these elements into an integrative treatment program.


More research is needed, but these new insights already give us a broader and more integrative view on mental health issues. It also gives up hope to treat the current (apparantly) therapy resistant patients.