Social Responsibility and Psychotherapy: Actions not Words.

How could we make psychotherapists more aware of and committed to human rights and social responsibility?  Following the footsteps of Ken Evans, we will discuss this important theme in a panel.
This panel is an opportunity for individuals and schools to share about how they integrated this in their practice and training. The panel consists of trainers and individuals. Both will speak briefly about their projects. We would like to invite the audience to contribute by sharing their experience and how they integrated this.
The panel members are looking forward to welcoming you.

Panel members:

Hilde Veugels (Belgiu, Chair)
Anne Bilsen (Belgium)
Anne Pettit (Wales, UK)
Heward Wilkinson (UK)
Vesna Petrovic (Serbia)
Anca Pirvu (Romania)
Alexandre Vaz (Portugal)