Stanya Studentova

Dreambody - integrating body and psyche

My aim is to bring an example of integrating body experiences in the psychological therapies. I will introduce the concept of Dreambody (originated by Dr Arnold Mindell, founder of Process Oriented Psychology). The Dreambody concept has its roots in Jungian psychology, Taoism and Quantum physics and offers a meaningful framework for working with body experiences (including symptoms, illness, body signals) and psychological phenomenon such as dreams, conflicts, relationships or altered states.                                                                                                      


After a short theoretical introduction participants will have a practical experience in an individual exercise. This would followed by discussion, and exchange of ideas.           


Participants will learn about process oriented model and have own experience of its application.


For many of us therapists, the body (our own or our client’s) gets attention only when there are severe symptoms, and even then we often feel limited in addressing this therapeutically. It is still relatively surprising to discover that symptoms can be meaningful, and in their heart is a direction forward for our lives, both short term and long term.

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